I am Nigeria!

I was at the beginning

The setting of the foundation

And violent fusion of members

By intruding supremacists

I nurtured the progeny to maturity

Building capacity to flex muscles

I enlightened the minds and souls

Of agitators of our collective rights

Contesting our heritage like gallants

Against them masquerading as messiahs

From the lowering of the Union Jack

To the hoisting of the royal Green and White

I saw the pride in those eyes

The excitement of a new dawn

From the cradle of literacy of the West

The piety of the dusty North

The enterprising acumen of the East

To the oil rich soils of the Delta

Developing minds for growth

A pretty damsel I was

Courted by the world’s super powers

A giant in Africa


Then a stumble

Entered vengeful soldiers

Hauling fire and brimstone

Shaking the foundation of our sensitivity

Hitting at the core of our unity

Feigning love for us as defendants

I, disregarded by power’s tenants

And cash for me deviated

Into behemoth underpockets of assistants

Became inadequate to cater

For my hungry offspring

Scattered across the sphere

Seeking knowledge and wisdom

I should bestow

Suffering shame from elite colonialists

Victims in their extant arrogance

What a pity

I lost my beauty


Entrusted to thieving civilians

Scalawags recycled as heroes

Allocating the commonwealth

As remuneration and bounty

Buying up estates and ownerships

Carting away bundles of wads

To far-away alien vaults

Living in pomp and plump

Flaunting our treasures

Appropriated to personal use

Dealing crumbs to the masses

Wearing corruption as badges

Shirking from all duty and obligations

While my children hunger

While my children go naked

While my children sleep in the storm

While my children are terrorized

Battered and pillaged

By power’s tenants


But I shall rise again

I shall be revived

I shall be great again

I shall gather my children

Hold them to my bosom

Teach them wisdom

Of our ascendants

Our heroes past

The virtue of allegiance

Of love, of fellowship

Frame of them great minds

To thrust us

Through the waters of mechanization

To embolden us

Through the rough terrains of statecraft

Practice a husbandry

That is benevolent to all

And my children made affluent

And be proud to declare



14 thoughts on “I am Nigeria!

Add yours

    1. You’re right. At the moment, being proud to be called Nigerian is difficult. But I believe it can change. Let’s begin to take back our country by holding our leaders accountable.

      Thanks for sharing.


  1. I love reading words that paint pictures and stir emotions. Being artistic with words is the hallmark of creativity. Dome!! That poetic piece is wonderful. Bravo! Well-structured with an easy flow


  2. Hope? @Dominic. You need not hope, it won’t happen otherwise by God’s grace.
    Take this from me and also pen this date, our generation WILL revamp Nigeria by God’s grace.

    Liked by 1 person

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