Ajose Lecture Theatre

An arena of nostalgia

Effusive exuberance of freshers

Contagious bubbles of excitement

A sizzling heat pump

In the freezing of dawn

Where spirits of alchemists

Are invoked and conjured

And engraved in the hearts

Of juvenile academics

Contemplating CHM 101

Expressions of stoic smiles

As they emanate from the shrine

As termites proceeding

Out of baked anthills


I still don’t understand how one would get to the lecture theatre before 6am and still could not find a seat.Guys were serious that year sha!


5 thoughts on “Ajose Lecture Theatre

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    1. …first CHM 101 lecture. Got there by 5am and didn’t find a seat. And I promised myself that I’ll never come before 7am. Why come by 5am and sit on the steps, if I can come by 7.30 and simply stand at the back?

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      1. During the second semester, I went one day by 7.45am and couldn’t get a seat. So the following day I went by 7.30, still no seat. Then 7am, no seat. 6.30 and still no seat. So I stopped going altogether.


  1. Wow! The situation was the same when I entered in 2010/2011.
    Ajose is no longer used for normal lectures but the condition in CHM 101 classes has not really improved.

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