Hail The Constituted Authority!

Through no fault of theirs

The labourers bickered

The farm owners snarled

Both sides at loggerheads

All arbitrating apparatus crumbled

And the farm was clamped

They were given marching orders

To report to the address of their sponsors

And halt for eight moons

In obedient idleness

For the devil’s workshop practice


Whereupon they kicked and agitated

Approaching the selected tenant

The self-acclaimed constituted authority

Who took holy umbrage

At their lack of adoration

And proceeded to schooling them

On the modus operandi

Of venturing into the Holy of Holies


With threatening and thundering

He mocked and dared them

Casting aspersion on their studentship

He considered them rascals

Creatures inferior and beneath

The almighty constituted authority

But they are the fruits of the system

Authored and advanced by the selected tenant

Who grows fat on their commonwealth

And disremembers too easily

That they constitute the authority


From the video by Sahara Reporters of the encounter between Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State and protesting students of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, it is apt to conclude that the man is not fit to be governor. After more than five years in power, he still does not understand the essence of his office. For more on this, see Jonah Ibiamagabara’s piece here.

It is tempting to see what transpired and lay the blame exclusively on the man. But I don’t blame him. That is because the man, like his colleagues in other states, should never have been governor in the first place. You see, Ajimobi’s utterances are not peculiar to him. It’s the general mindset of our political elite, a gang of marauders who do not give a damn about the people whom they claim to lead or rule. From Oyo to Cross River, from Sokoto to Abia, we have governors all over the country who think they are doing the people a favour by occupying that office. In fact, some have ascribed to themselves divinity and should therefore be worshipped. They loot our commonwealth and expect us to consider it a privilege.

The man said he is the constituted authority; whether he pays salaries or not, it doesn’t matter. It appears that he lacks the capacity to understand that authority comes with responsibilities, and that when one fails to fulfill the responsibilities one cannot lay claim to the authority. The university has been shut down for eight months and he expected the students to prostrate before him in worship for stressing himself to speak to them. He was aghast that they didn’t behave like civil servants in his state who would beg him to please pay their salaries, and when he does, would declare a thanksgiving service in his honour for his gracious magnanimity.

Governor Ajimobi is just part of the cancerous growth that ails Nigeria; a growth that we must do away with if we are to progress as a nation. We need leaders who are sensitive to our plight; leaders who understand the hardships Nigerians go through every day.

Like I said, I don’t blame the man; I blame us. While we slept, they gained a foothold. And even after realizing it, we don’t take action. We fold our arms and complain. When elections come, instead of going out to vote, we sit back home and bemoan how the elections were rigged. Some people claim they didn’t go out to vote because of the violence that usually accompanies our elections. That excuse does not count. Now tell me, which violence can be greater that the violence that is being unleashed on us every day by the political elite? And then, instead of seeing them for what they are, our common enemy, we fight ourselves over which part of the country one comes from or which religion one subscribes to. Of course they look at us and have a good laugh.

I would have said to LAUTECH students that I hoped their school is reopened soon, but I won’t do that. Rather, I would say that they go and start doing press up, and be ready to vote in the next elections. Instead of crying over what Ajimobi said, let’s prepare to remove him and his ilk with our votes.

We deserve better!



Image Credit: Sahara Reporters


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  1. It remains to be seen if Nigerians would be wiser in 2019. As long as a majority of Nigerians are either nonchalant about elections or see elections as periods to get alms from contesters, Nigeria would continue to enjoy mediocre leadership.

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