Study Overload

There will be a test!
Today? Tomorrow?
Oh no, not toady!
“Tomorrow then,” says the taskmaster

With his CGPA crashing
Faster than the twin towers
He dashes to Awo Cafe
With a bag of Nescafe

No time for a nap or bite
Chasing after the ‘A’s
But the ‘A’s are just a mirage
Has the ‘F’s in abundance though
The much harangued ‘F’s ever faithful

All he seeks is appreciation
But is given only probation
No time for niceties
Ever serious, ever cramming
But the weight never lifts
Only his CGPA gets lighter

At Awo Cafe with a search light
He buries himself in the volume
From chapter one to infinity
Wedging his eyelids with café
All through the night

Feeling drowsy at the test centre
His body fails
Slips onto his desk
And sleeps the test away
“Stop! Submit your sheets now!”
Thunders the taskmaster

Jolted awake by the tumult about
With mist eyes, he approaches
His eyes pleads for understanding
But in defiance the understanding taskmaster
Says with much glee
“Don’t worry, try again next session;
Or go get JAMBed!”

Image Credit: cartoons


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