Aso Rock Democracy

There was a country
Or the one that was supposed to be
There was much assurance
That the giant would tower
And overshadow the Sahara
But he was blighted by dwarfs
Feigning to be giants
Who with procrustean dexterity
Reduced the giant
To their Lilliputian height
Stuffing their bitsy pockets
With wads from the plunder
There was a messiah
Or so he claimed to be
With militaristic antecedents
Whose image was laundered
By fellow midgets
With pecuniary cupidity
He was declared born-again
All past sins forgiven
Obvious repugnant smells ignored
Unleashing their arsenal of artifice
On a credulous populace
Actively seeking hope
‘Change’ they preached
‘Turnaround’ they professed
‘Anti-corruption’ their religion
They swore on their dwarfish honour
To sweep out all state unholiness
With their magic broom
Twenty four months later
The Messiah ’s gone AWOL
Deeper corruption the norm
Self-righteousness their constitution
Now, the status quo looms larger
In a country that never was

ENYA Domerememer (2017)


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